Saturday, May 3, 2008

Washo & O'Brien Sued

Democrat Commissioners Mike Washo & Corey O’Brien of Lackawanna County are being sued in Federal Court for firing three employees. It is alleged by the plaintiffs that they were fired because of political reasons. Specifically, they stated that they outwardly supported then incumbent Republican Commissioners Bob Cordaro and AJ Munchak.

According to the Scranton Times, three employees maintain that their employment was terminated by Lackawanna County shortly after the new majority commissioners took office. Two of the employees were employees in the Public Defender’s Office, the third was the Director of Veterans Affairs for Lackawanna County.

The suit seeks punitive damages, legal fees, and other costs.

County Attorney Larry Moran was also interviewed by the Scranton Times. He claims the firings were not political. Instead, Moran states that there was a committee assigned to reviewing the state of the county when the new majority commissioners took office and that they recommended changes.

The article does not go on to name those responsible for making that recommendation. Perhaps if there is a follow-up story, the Scranton Times can ask that question.

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