Thursday, May 8, 2008

Carney Talking Corruption

In their zeal to find a reason to attack Chris Hackett, the Times Leader is reporting that Chris Carney’s campaign is trying to link a recent visit from Tom Delay and his Coalition for a Conservative Majority to Hackett.

The salient point I find here is that it would have been illegal for Chris Hackett, or any other candidate for that matter, to attempt to bring in a group like CCM. Either Chris Carney’s campaign is accusing Chris Hackett’s campaign of violating FEC laws or he is grasping at straws trying to find a reason to issue a press release. I don’t think it is the former.

With unbridled hypocrisy, Carney’s campaign is attacking Tom Delay. Perhaps they should clean up their own house before they go after former members of Congress. Take a guy like Representative William Jefferson. He gets caught by the FBI with 90 Grand in his freezer of alleged bribe money and what do the Democrats do? The take him from the Appropriations Committee and place him on the Homeland Security Committee.

There is a funny video about it here. So much for the “most ethical congress in history.” Oh, and incidentally, when Carney had a chance to toss the corrupt William Jefferson out of Homeland Security, he instead secretly voted to place him in the committee.

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