Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bonus Gate Update

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is reporting that 100’s of current and former House Democratic staffers are receiving subpoenas from a Grand Jury investigating the bonus-gate fiasco and public corruption.

At the heart of the investigation, led by Attorney General Tom Corbett, is whether taxpayer funded bonuses were awarded to staffers as a reward for political activity and whether documents were destroyed in order to cover up any wrongdoing.

Some of the aforementioned bonuses were as much as $20,000.

Locally, the paper reports that aides to Demmocrat State Representative Todd Eachus were interviewed by the State Attorney General’s office. The paper was not however able to confirm this with Eachus at time of writing.

The investigation has so far identified that the Democrats have given $2.3 million in bonuses for the years 2005-2006. Of that, $1.85 million was given out directly after the November 2006 Election in which the Democrats took control of the House.

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