Friday, April 25, 2008

Shimkus Again Confirms He Will Use GOP

Frank Andrew Shimkus has once again confirmed that he will not change Political Parties despite possibly winning the Republican nomination during a write-in contest in the 113th. Shimkus had to run a write-in after he was removed from the ballot for a purposeful misrepresentation made in bad faith and with intent to deceive the electorate. Shimkus has said in advertising that it was essentially a minor paperwork error.

The 113th district is heavily democratic. As such, it should favor the actual Democrat on the ballot, Kevin Murphy. Mr. Shimkus used the GOP side of the isle as a vehicle to regain his seat and his dignity. The GOP should reject Shimkus and not be used as useful idiots again.

To the leaders of the Republican Party in Lackawanna County, this is what happens when you habitually give Democrats a free walk and never run any candidates.

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