Friday, April 18, 2008

Hackett Pro-Choice?

According to Pete DeCoursey of, Chris Hackett was Pro-Choice before deciding to run for Congress.

DeCoursey's article details a May 2007 meeting with at least four local power brokers in NEPA. At the meeting, Hackett stated that he was Pro-Choice several times and stated that he didn't believe that it would be an issue. Apparently, he changed his position after the meeting.

In the story, Hackett Campaign spokesman Mark Harris confirmed that the meeting did in fact happen, stating "They definitely met, but he never said he was pro-life." Contrary to what Harris said, Hackett was just on Sue Henry's WILK radio show and denied meeting with the four men involved at the same time.

Pro-Lifers are always happy about conversions to their viewpoint. I am sure that Pro-Lifers everywhere would welcome Mr. Hackett to the fold. In my mind, the issue is not if Mr. Hackett is now Pro-Life but rather his denial. If this is true, Hackett would have been far better served by talking about his conversion. It would have been a very uplifting and reaffirming to Pro-Lifers.

In closing, someone is lying. It is either Hackett or the four sources of the story.

Truthfulness in the campaign has arisen before. You can find coverage of it in the Daily & Sunday Review. This article details how Hackett misrepresented his role in bringing businesses to the area. This was so disconcerting to Robert Jones, CFO of 3CI, that he complained to the paper in a letter.

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