Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Enough is Enough!

The Times Leader is reporting that Sam Guesto, former Luzerne County Chief Clerk/Manager, ordered items that were previously put out to bid for the prison to not be put out to bid. Instead, Guesto steered the business toward Commonwealth Foods Inc. Guesto apparently not only ordered the items to not be put out to bid but also threatened the kitchen manager of the prison with the words “…do it or it’s your ass,” according to the same article. I mentioned this in a previous post.

It is reported that Guesto was also the best man in the wedding of Steve Harnischfeger, owner of Commonwealth Foods Inc.

The Democrats running Luzerne County seem to be breeding corruption or at least the perception of it. During the debit card debacle, Sam Guesto submitted his resignation to take effect February 15th. According to the Citizen’s Voice, Commissoner Skrepenak never wavered from his support of Guesto calling him an “integral part” of Luzerne County’s success. The taxpayers of Luzerne County must be questioning when these near endless scandals will finally come to close. My guess is that day will not come until there is a change in who runs Luzerne County Government.

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