Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shimkus to Use GOP

Embattled Democrat State Representative Frank Andrew Shimkus will seek the Republican nomination through a write-in effort, according to the Scranton Times. Shimkus also stated that he intends to file his appeal this Friday with the State’s higher court.

The lone survivor on the ballot, Democrat Kevin Murphy, said he intends to consult his campaign staff before making a determination as to his own potential write-in effort for the GOP nomination.

The question still remains, and shame on Dave Singleton of the Scranton Times for not asking, if Frank Andrews Shimkus wins the Republican nomination, but not the Democratic nomination, will he switch parties or just use the Republican Party to make up for his paperwork malfunction. The voters deserve to know Mr. Shimkus's intentions and loyalties before they cast their vote on April 22.

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